Hollywood Exes Writeup

March 21st, 2012 – By Brande Victorian

I know, another reality show, but this one actually sounds a little promising. A couple of months ago, we told you that Will Smith and Eddie Murphy´s exes were going to star in a new VH1 reality series, and now we´ve got the names of the rest of the cast members.
Staring alongside Sheree Fletcher and Nicole Murphy in “Hollywood Exes” will be R. Kelly´s ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, and Mayte Garcia, the ex-wife of Prince. Rounding out the cast will be Jose Canseco´s ex-wife, Jessica. When we first broke word about this show, some of you felt like these women´s only claim to fame was being the past lover of a famous man, but according to VH1 the purpose of the show is to prove that´s not the case.
“These five women, who have all been friends for years and in some cases for as long as 20 years, want to show the world they are more than just a trophy wife with a pretty face,” according to a VH1 press release. “They want to establish themselves as independent, successful women and bring relevance and honor to themselves separate from their very famous exes…even if there is a little drama along the way.”
I was with them up until the drama part, but you have to admit the fact that this women are friends in real life is a positive sign and sets them apart from most of the other reality stars-Evelyn and Jen excluded. Plus, the drama may not necessarily be between the ladies. We all know Nicole was recently swindled out of half of her divorce settlement and it can´t be easy walking down the street as the woman who was married to R. Kelly for 12 years amongst those child pornography charges.
Truthfully, all of these women have been divorced from their husbands for long enough that the pieces ought to have been pretty much picked up by now, but I guess that´s what they plan to prove.
So what do you think about this show now that you know the whole cast, yay or nay?
Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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